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1. Choose the Product you would like to use.
(all products are listed in alphabetical order)

2. Click on the blue "Label" text under the product

3. Scroll down in the "Directions for Use" section, until
you find the pest you would like to treat for.

*Always read and follow all label directions*
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Understanding The
All pest control products (pesticides) that World of Pest Control sells, come with a manufacturers label. This label
will explain everything you need to know about the product your using. We recommend that you read the entire
label before purchasing and using any product. Below we've explained what each section of the label is for.
If you
or any member of your family has a sensitivity to chemicals or there odors, we recommend that you
consult with your family doctor before using any pest control product. For your convenience we have
also provided downloadable MSDS sheets that you may bring to your doctor.

Signal Word
On the front of a product you will always find one of three "signal words", which represent the potential harm to
people, pets, and the environment, even when the pest control product is used properly. These three signal words
Caution - All pest control products that are slightly toxic if eaten, breathed, or absorbed through the skin, or
that may cause slight skin or eye irritation. Even the least toxic pesticide has to at least carry the Caution signal.
Warning - All pest control products that are moderately toxic if eaten, breathed, absorbed through the skin or
that cause moderate eye and skin irritation. Pest control products carrying the Warning signal normally require
only a teaspoon to a tablespoonful of the undiluted product, eaten to kill an average-sized adult.
Danger - All products that carry the Danger signal must also have the word "Poison" as well as the skull and
crossbones design on the front. Only a taste to a teaspoon of this undiluted pesticide may kill the average sized
adult. You must have a license to purchase these types of products. If you are a professional applicator and need
any restricted use pesticides, you must contact our office directly, as our on line store does not advertise these
types of products.

Precautinary Statement
Hazards to Humans and Domestic Animals: This part of the pest control product label will explain what, if any
types of protective equipment should be worn by the applicator or other people and pets that will be around while
the product is being applied. It will also inform the user if care should be taken not to, get on your skin, breathe,
digest or other.

Statement of Practical Treatment
This statement will explain the first-aid treatments recommended in case of poisoning, contact with eyes, or over
exposure to a pest control product. Some labels will also include emergeny phone numbers, antidotes if any and
appropriate medical procedures.

Environmental Hazards
Some pest control products may pose certain risks to the environment. This part of the label will inform you what
precautions you will need to make prior to the application of the product. The most common hazard with most
pesticides is: Highly toxic to fish and other aquatic invertebrates.

Physical or Chemical Hazards
This part of the label will explain if there are any special hazards that the product may poses, such as:
Flammable - may cause fire or explosion; Corrosive.

Storage and Disposal
In this section, the label will give you information on how and where to store the pest control product. Some of the
more frequently listed items would be a cool dry place and the recommended temperatures. All products will
always state on the front of the label to,
"KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN". The disposal section will inform
you how and where to dispose of the used or empty container.
Never reuse any pesticide container and
always use all the product according the directions.

Directions for Use
This section will let you know how to mix the pest control product, how to apply it, where to apply it, when to
apply it and the pests that you may treat using this product. Understand that each pest may require different
treating procedures, even with the same pest product. Make sure you read about the specific pest you wish to
treat before you begin mixing and or treating.

Keep our environment safe and clean. Please be responsible when using any pest control product.
copyright 2009 - all rights reserved - World of Pest Control Inc. - Pensacola Florida - (850) 477-2847